Thursday, November 19, 2009

Piero Umiliani - Hard Times & Chaser

Hard Times (1974)

One of my favorite 1970s Italian Soundtracks. This song sounds like it could have been an outtake from David Axelrod's Seriously Deep, also released the same year as this hot-steaming-bubbler. Umiliani, a rather prolific Italian soundtrack composer, produced the music for most of Luigi Scattini's erotic-milky dangler-detective movies; Il Corpo was the final, fantastically sleazy film in Scattini's erotic trilogy. Short, spares, playful guitar solos, a bassline that would make Miles Davis grunt and a deeply slick Gene Hackman-esque working class-downtown-man-string arrangement (2:08) adequately prepares me for hard times in my near future aka not having enough money to buy a double gin & tonic tonight.

Chaser (1974)

Also from Il Corpo: Music for women who cheat on their man.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can - A Spectacle

Can - A Spectacle (1979)

A late, late Can jam. I had no idea that even after "Soon After Babaluma" they created music for planets to have sex to.

Q-Tip recently put this track to werk:

Thanks to Jonathan for hippin' me to this.

Airto Moreira - Uri, Peasant Dance & Return to Forever

Airto Moreira - Uri (1971)

Airto Moreira -Peasant Dance (1974)

Airto Moreira - Return to Forever (1972)

A crunchy percussion orgy from Brazil's most talented extraneous shell and maraca shaker. As legend has it, Airto's peppery voice and cuica playing is said to penetrate directly into the Eye in the Sky, while simulatneously reaching the depths of the underworld; reaching even the most loathsome and malignant of castaways.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hubert Eaves - Painful Pleasure

Hubert Eaves - Painful Pleasure (1976)

This track is just glossy enough to make me slip on the Arsenio pants and holleur "watch out neoahh" to high waisted girls; yet creamy enough to savor in my monitors. Jerhi Curl vibez w/ Mtume, Reggie Lucas and Howard King.

George Duke - My Soul

George Duke - My Soul (1972)

Pull yr girlfriend out of the closet and deflate her on your carpeted dance floor.

Thursday, October 1, 2009